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Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Suzuki Grand Vitara is a mid-size SUV. Like his smaller brother the Jimny, the Grand Vitara has excellent 4WD features.  It is the only model in our fleet that has an automatic transmission!  It is the 5 door version, which is significantly bigger than the 3 door.  It offers room for up to 5 passengers and generous luggage space.  The back seat can be folded in two parts for increasing the luggage capacity.  It also has a roof rack that can carry up to 50 kilograms of luggage.  That is more than enough capacity for transporting all your surfboards.


The Grand Vitara has a 2 ltr 4-cylinder gasoline engine.  It has a permanent double transmission.  A simple switch on the dash board handles shifting to/from central differential locking, as well as selecting low gearing.  Having high ground clearance and generous approach and departure angels as well, there is no problem reaching comfortably the most remote destinations in dry or in wet seasons with the Grand Vitara.  The doors have central locking, electric tinted windows and electric mirrors.  It has some nice touches as well, like controls for the radio on the steering wheel. The interior offers an ample quantity of storage compartments, including a little overhead one for your glasses. The height of the driver's seat is adjustable.  Naturally as one would expect, the air conditioner operates flawlessly.

The tariffs you can find here. Too big for just the two of you?  Then our Suzuki Jimny is an option.

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